Award ceremony at the Bellevue Art Museum.

Posted by yaelzm on March 31st, 2015
Great to have my art be apriciated

Award Ceremony at the Bellevue Art Museum.

Me and my art

It is nice to get an award and my art be apriciated

My Website Has A New Look

Posted by yaelzm on March 31st, 2015

Please visit to see my renewed website and my new art

A new artwork by the artist Yael Zahavy-Mittelman

The Musical Concerto



Bellevue Art Museum Art Show – Adornment

Posted by yaelzm on March 20th, 2015


Collage and Pencil on Wood art by Yael Zahavy-Mittelman

A Touch of Dream – Collage and Pencil on Wood art by Yael Zahavy-Mittelman

Please join me to see my artwork at the Bellevue Art Museum.
Adornment: Works from Northwest Collage Society
March 20 – June 28, 2015
Opening reception: Saturday, March 21, 4 – 6pm

Adornment: Works from the Northwest Collage Society is a juried exhibition featuring 52 collages. The works on display came from 37 members of the NWCS. Collage is a work of formal art made from an assemblage of different pieces, thus creating a new whole.

Juried by Michael Monroe, Director Emeritus, Bellevue Arts Museum.

My new 2014 Portfolio

Posted by yaelzm on November 12th, 2014

I want to invite you to enjoy my new portfolio for 2014

To see portfolio please click on the following link:

Portfolio Yael Zahavy-Mittelman

Have great holidays


2013 Abstract EAFA Art Show

Posted by yaelzm on March 4th, 2013


A Conversation Of Trees And Stones, by the artist Yael_Zahavy-Mittelman_

A Conversation Of Trees And Stones

Please join me to 2013 abstract EAFA art show, where you can see two of my new artworks.

to see invitation: Abstract_Flyer_2013

Hope to see you all there,


Experimental Art Workshop At Bellevue Art and Frame

Posted by yaelzm on June 12th, 2012

Please join me for a Saturday of fun, where I will teach and you will experience experimental artwork.

Drip and roll paint, make intuitive collage, and see where the artwork leads!

1 day workshop, Saturday 6/23 11-3:30 pm $60 plus supplies.

To register, please go to or call: Phone: 425-453-8959 • 1(800) 843-6348

Bellevue Art & Frame and The Toy Place
13131 NE 20th (Northup way)
Bellevue, WA 98005

Hope to see you there,


Art Camp with a Drama Flavor

Posted by yaelzm on May 31st, 2012

Summer art camps with a drama flavor, teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman

Do you want your child to experience the art of buliding and desighning the stage for a theater production? Please join me to Art Camp with a Drama Flavor. Each day the fun at Yeal’s Art Camps will begin right after Drama Camp. These 4 day camps will run Monday -Thursday and be held at Adventure Children’s Theatre in the Bothell Country Village at a cost of $70 per child. Students will have a blast learning to work together planning, designing, and creating as they expand on all the visual aspects of each weeks theatrical production. Your child can participate as a continuing activity to drama camp, or join in the fun even if they are not in drama that week.
These art classes will be offered  in conjuction with  Zero & Somebuddy’s Adventure Children’s Theatre  Summer Camp productions. (Information and registration for Drama Camps, please visit

The following are the dates and times the art camp will be provided:
Playmaking”       July 9-11 (3 day camp) 2:00-4:00pm, kids entering Gr. 1-3 $55
Cinderella”         July 16-19, 1:00-3:00pm, kids entering Gr. 3-7 $70
The Emperor’s New Clothes
July 30-Aug.2, 1:00-3:00pm, kids entering     Gr. 1-3 $70
7 Hobbits and other highly successful fairytales
Aug. 20-23, 1:30-3:30pm, kids entering Gr. 3-7 $70

For registration please download this form (click here)
To contact me please email me at
To know more about me or to see my Artwork please go to
Have a great summer,
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman

Summer Art Camps, at Snapdoodle Toys, Eastside Seattle

Posted by yaelzm on May 24th, 2012

Summer Art Camps at Snapdoodle Toys In Kenmore, WA.

Come during the summer to enjoy art weeks of summer-fun. Together we will have great times making masks, comics and more.

Adults & children 8-18 welcome. Come and bring your family for bonding time, or come and meet new friends.

A 4 days camp is $75, materials included.

The art of tissue paper summer camp, by the artist and teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman     June 25th – 28th 10:00-12:00 The art of tissue paper. Come and look into tissue paper as an art medium, explore and try different techniques and ideas.

The art of paper summer camp, by the artist and teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman     July 2-3th 10:00-12:00 The art of paper. Come and try making art made of paper, from collage to origami and more. $35.

The art of masks summer camp, by the artist and teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman    July 9-12th 1:00-3:00 (updated 7/6/12) The art of masks. We will make masks from different meterials, and talk about the origin of masks and how we use masks today. We will design masks and explore the fun we can have with them.

The art of comics summer camp, by the artist and teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman    July 16-19st 10:00-12:00 The art of comics. We will learn how to draw comics, and use that as a way to explore and express stories and thoughts.

The art of journaling summer camp, by the artist and teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman    July 23-26th 1:00-3:00 Collage journaling. Come and explore the art of collage and learn how to use it in your own journaling.

The art of the masters summer camp, by the artist and teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman          Auguat 6-9th 1:00-3:00 The art of the masters. Come draw and paint inspiered by the great masters like Picasso or Miro. Learn their way of working by learning how to look at the art.

The art of self portrait summer camp, by the artist and teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman         August 13-16, 10:00-12:00 The art of self portrait. Come to explore making your self portrait using different materials and concepts. Please bring pictures of youself with you as well as things that are important to you so you can incorporate this items into your art either by drawing them or gluing them into your art.

End of Summer art celebration, buy the artist and teacher, Yael Zahavy-Mittelman     August 27-30st 10:00-12:00 and/or 1:00-3:00 Art party for the end of the summer. Last day of summer, we will explore our summer experiences, the colors of summer and have as much fan as can be. Different techniques and materials. Come and join the party. You might want to bring pictures of summer fun you had as well as artwork you did throughout the summer. You are also welcome to bring something sweet to enjoy with everyone else.

For registration please contact the Snapdoodle Toys shop

at   425-408-0021

Hope to see you all there,

Have a great summer,

Art Demonstration — Saturday, March 31 2:00-4:00pm

Posted by yaelzm on March 15th, 2012

The Grace of The Feather
Please join me at the last day of March to an art demo, 
at Bellevue Art & Frame, 13131 Northeast 20th Street  Bellevue, WA 98005
(800) 843-6348 For more information please go to,
See you all there,

Icon Redux Celebration and Art with Heart

Posted by yaelzm on March 12th, 2012

Art event at Icon Grill, Seattle

Please join me to a wonderful art event, where my art will be shown. April 2nd, 6-10 pm for wine, food and lots of fun.
To know more please visit, to see my work please go to